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Sometimes... I wish that I could let you look through my eyes for just five minutes.  Simply so you can see the amazing person that you truly are.  You're beautiful.  You're sexy as hell.  You're intelligent in a way that I just don't understand.  You are everything that I've ever liked in each of my partners over the years, all combined into this little ball of amazingness. 

Sometimes I can only gaze at you for so long, otherwise I fear the loss of what little sanity I have left.  When you smile, I stutter.  And when you blush... I fall head over heels for you all over again.  I may not be able to see these expressions on your face, but I can most definitely feel them.  Sometimes I think that I feel you so much because we are two halves to one soul, which is why everything that you feel has become 'me'.  You are as much of me at this point, as I am of you.

Sometimes it's too much to wrap my head around.  I mean.. honestly.  How did I get so lucky?  I'm from this tiny town that nobody has ever heard of in the middle of the country side.  I grew up playing in mud puddles, and climbing cattle gates to sneak back in the woods to go skinny dipping.  I mushroom hunt.  I ride horses.  (And I don't mean that fancy shit either.. I ride rodeo style, thank you very much!)  I can also clean/hoof/saddle horses.  I know more about aquarium fish than I'd care to admit.  I love to wear bib-overalls, and yes, I will stand there with my hands/arms tucked in the front across my chest.  I grew up racing four/three wheelers (quads, ATVS) across the local corn fields.  Also, I can shuck corn like you wouldn't believe, but only for the purpose of cornin'.  I actually went cornin'** as a child.  I like Nascar.  I'm a backwoods hick. 

And then there's you...   And sometimes, I still hold you up on that pedestal that makes me worry that I'll be too backwoods for you.  That you'll be ashamed of the fact that I like to dress the way I do, talk the way I do, behave the way I do. At the end of it all, I just feel stupid.  Because I know that you love me.  And I know that you're mine, and not going anywhere. 

Sometimes I think you're the lucky one (c'mon.. I'm a catch!).. And then I realize that I'm the lucky one.  Because without you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. 

**Corning or "Cornin'" is simply the act of throwing kernels of corn at passing cars while you hide (usually with a group of friends) somewhere out of sight, but close to the road. Usually done on or around Halloween & is popular in southern Appalachia & rural parts of the country."  Although we would get houses with lots of gravel out front rather than cars, because it'd make it impossible to clean up!

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